Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{Ten Month Henry}

My. Oh. My.

The hammiest kid there ever was. 
Saying "dada dadda dada" (you have to see the video)
Crawls 90 miles per hour.
Can sniff out the dog's food from a mile away.
First bout of Roseola. (thumbs down emoji)
Standing for long periods of time.
Standing up without pulling up on something.
Days away from steps, I'm sure of it.
Laughing like crazy.
Four bottom teeth in and four top teeth coming in all at once.
Clicks his tongue. 
Loves to drink water from a big cup.
He goes ham on some nanners (bananas).
We had our first "bad" travel weekend.
Feeds himself. Bottles and solids. 
Loves to get into the cabinets.
Don't try taking him to the doctor with you. Ever.
Also don't try to take him away from his momma or his daddy. 
Becoming besties with Tego (finally).
Gives high fives.
Waves bye bye.
Wears 12 month clothing. 
Snuggle bug. 
Has learned to cry when he doesn't get his way. Oh boy. 
This is the face I saw every time I told him "no" at the doctor's office yesterday. Precious. 
For the most part I see this boy...
...and he's happy and healthy and that makes me over the moon in love. 
I can't believe how close we are to one year. I'm excited, but it makes me a little sad too. This has been the best year of my life. The hardest, most exhausting year of my life, but the most incredible, indeed. 
Happy 10 months, Henry Harper. 


  1. Aww so cute! Happy ten months to your little guy!!

  2. How CUTE is he?! What a handsome little guy. :)



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