Wednesday, September 24, 2014

{Tulip Twist: Wine Maxi}

It's time for another Tulip Twist! If you're new here, Tulip (a local boutique), gifts an item to local bloggers and/or customers and asks them to style it their way, in a style showdown. We dress it up as we would and you guys head to Tulip's page and vote for your favorite style! This month's piece is a wine maxi. Instantly when I saw it, I had so many ideas pop in my head. Of course a leopard scarf, which I tried, but it felt like something that everyone would do (it was so super cute though). Then of course dressy came to mind, heels and a classy blazer. And what would fall be without boots? But I canned all of that and stayed true to who I am in this season of life. The truth is, I need flats. Boots would work, but I still liked the touch of animal print the flats gave. I also need comfort, a cute graphic tee and a vintaged-inspired jacket? Umm, yes please! Comfort me up so I can chase and snuggle my little nugget! I also promised myself that I would shop from my own closet, no spending extra money for the showdown.
Simple, casual and laid back. True Melissa form these days. :)
Maxi: Tulip
Tee: Forever 21 (old) (similar)
Jacket: BCBG (old)
Flats: DSW

Of course I would LOVE it and be forever grateful if my readers would head to Tulip's Facebook Page to vote for me!
Melissa Loren

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