Thursday, October 2, 2014

{11 Month Henry}

11 Month Henry.
I can hardly believe I just typed that. Henry has blessed our lives for 11 quick months. At one point 11 months seemed like an eternity away. Now it feels like it was just yesterday that we were just handing out Halloween candy while I winced through every contraction. This month will bring Henry's last, first holiday. Halloween will stretch us through the end of his first year. I'm excited and I'm happy, but it's just so surreal. Our baby won't be a baby much longer. We almost have a ONE YEAR OLD. And this is why they tell you to enjoy every moment, even the hard ones, because it doesn't go on forever. They're time as tiny, dependent humans flies by. To keep from getting too mushy I'll move onto Henry at 11 mos...

1. Waves at EVERYONE. 
2. Starting to go to strangers (this is super new for him!)
3. He is a walking machine!! He is an amazing walker, only slowing down when he's tired. 
4. He is obsessed with our collection of wine corks. He loves to chew on them. He walks around with one is his mouth and two in each of his hands. 
4. He knows what you're saying when you ask for "big hugs" and he gives them so sweetly (& squeezes you reallll right!). Love this so much!!!
5. He has 8 teeth. 
6. He will eat anything you give him. The kid loves food just like his parents!
7. Diaper changes are zero fun for all involved. 
8. We're still doing 5 bottles a day (which I'm convinced is never going to end) plus snacks of real food for lunch and dinner. 
9. He had his first accident and shed blood for the first time. He bumped his lip on his red wagon. :(
10. He is the happiest, smiliest boy in town!
This kid.
Melissa Loren

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