Monday, October 6, 2014

{Old Socks}

Today, to celebrate my love for fall, my love for the great outdoors and to continue the countdown to my birthday, I have a little treat for you guys! I have some incredible photos for you to check out and there's even a giveaway, so don't go anywhere! 

You see, I have this extremely talented friend, Tara. Her photography skills are off the chain charts. To add more fuel to her metaphoric fire, she also has this incredible vintage shop on Etsy called Old Socks. It's full a beautiful, vintage pieces. She has this feature in her shop where you choose your size and make your payment and in return Old Socks will send you a unique, oversized MYSTERY SWEATER. I love this idea and that's exactly what we're going to do today! THREE lucky winners will receive a vintage mystery item just in time for fall! It could be a sweater, a vest, or even a cozy dress! The suspense is half the fun!

The giveaway is at the end of this post, but first can we talk about these photos? Now, I know nothing about photography, but I know a beautiful thing when I see it. And as if my heart wasn't already about to beat out of my chest for Colorado! The mountains...the trees...the clouds...the sweaters! These photos really give me the feeling that I'm there and I'm connected to Mother Nature. Speaking of Mother Nature, she is trying hard to steal the show, but you cannot deny the beauty of the the styling and the textures in these photos. Phenomenal. I think I'm going to grab a mystery sweater and travel to Colorado...
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I hope you all enjoyed these jaw-dropping photos and take time to enter the mystery sweater giveaway!
Melissa Loren

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