Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Abilities I No Longer Have...

Not to be a negative nancy, but as I've been reflecting on Henry's first year, I've come up with a few things that I missed throughout the past year. 

**It goes without saying that I am terribly grateful for my son and to be his momma, but you know, I'm human! So, here's my list of things that became a little more challenging when I became a mother...

The ability to just hop in the car and go. Quick errand? No problem...juuuust kidding. Do I have the baby? Diaper bag? Is he strapped in properly, man I hate this car seat? Has the diaper bag been restocked? When did he eat last? Shoot, I forgot my phone. Am I wearing a bra? Did I brush my teeth? Does he have a fresh diaper? Debit card? Shoot, I forgot to put on shoes...If this seems exaggerated then you're probably not a mom yet, or maybe your child is older? ;)

The ability to run inside somewhere "real quick." Hahahahahaha. See above. Lots of places to just run inside real quick?  NOPE. Damn you, car seat (but thank you so very much, too!). Is it just me who hates loading and unloading?? #lazymomaward

The ability to do full hair and makeup. I will admit that this one is partially my own fault because nine times out of ten I will choose sleep over any chance to look semi cute. I love sleeeeeep. A shower with Henry is IMPOSSIBLE, so I only shower if he's napping, in bed or if Kory is home. But the rest of the process goes a little like this...all of the vanity drawers and cabinets being opened, all items in said cabinets being pulled out and sprinkled all over my bathroom and bedroom, Henry don't touch the toilet, Henry stay where I can see you, Henry don't put that in your mouth, oh thank you for the hug, Henry. <3 Real talk, it's getting easier now that he can semi entertain himself, it wasn't anywhere near that easy before.
The ability to wear jewelry. Pretty, dangly earrings...NOPE. Pretty, dangly necklaces...NOPE. You get the point.

The ability to deep clean. You know, really get in there and get all the nooks and crannies, wash the sheets, reorganize everything. Am I the only one who likes to spend an entire day listening to music and cleaning? Tell me I'm not alone. Anyway, now I vacuum with a baby on my hip because he's terrified of the dang machine. I put something away and my shadow pulls it back out for me. I double as entertainment for my babe, I must sing and dance while cleaning. And of course there's some serious rest periods to talk and play with Henry.
The ability to get dressed up. I live for comfort these days, so half the outfits that I used to wear I'd never wear now. I hate to be uncomfortable while I'm toting H around. I feel like it takes my focus off what's important. I try to stick to flats/tennis shoes and ponytails just to keep it simple. That's why sometimes I really miss tanks with bralettes and high-heel, over-the-knee boots and pants that aren't yoga pants. 

The ability to resist temptation, AKA the snack pouch. Now that Henry is eating real food we always have snacks on the ready. And I do mean WE. I cannot keep my sticky fingers out of his snack container. Gold fish, cheerios, flavor of the day, you name it, I'll eat. Mwuhahaha. This has not been good for my clean eating. :/

The ability to pee alone. At home and out and about. It's ten times harder when you're out (especially when you have a cart full of stuff) but that's another story. I never understood why my mom always said, "CAN I PLEASE PEE IN PEACE?!?!?!?!" Poor woman. Don't worry mom, I'm getting my payback.
There you have it. The things I slightly missed this year. :)

Honorable Mentions:
Strolling every aisle of Target alone.
Grocery Shopping.
Shopping in general.
Folding laundry without help. :)
Sleep, but that's a no brainer.
Melissa Loren

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  1. Lol this made me laugh. I hate wearing anything but yoga pants and a mom bun. And my son is 4 and the tasks haven't gotten easier yet lol.


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