Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{Weekend/Birthday Fun}

Another birthday down. Now that I've finally recovered from the weekend and all of my birthday festivities, I guess I'm ready to blog again. :) 
My first one as a momma and it was legit. I hung out with my little man all day. We met our friends at the mall for a little shopping and some balloon fun in the play area. Henry could not get enough of these giant balloons. He kept getting those big belly giggles as he'd chase after his. It was really neat to watch him play and get excited. I tried to snap a photo of him and his bud having fun, but I learned my lesson-almost one year olds and almost two year olds don't stay still for a picture. Ha.
Afterwards, we met my husband at home, where he had taken a half day and continued the tradition of making me a Creme de Menthe cake for my birthday. Such a sweetie, he is.
Later that evening my parents were kind enough to come over and watch Henry so that Kory and I could have our first official date together, just the two of us. You have no idea how excited I was!!! I'll fully admit I wasn't nervous or sad at all to leave Henry at home with my parents. They are fully capable, Henry is 110% comfortable with them and we were LONG overdue for a night alone!!! I couldn't wait to eat at one of the restaurants that has been on my bucket list for far too long...
Getting ready for dinner, but first, let me take selfie. *insert laugh-so-hard-I-cry emoji*
...Rye was the place I couldn't wait to try. They're known for their fried chicken, and I REALLY wanted to try it, but we just couldn't pass up the Monday night steak special. You guys, the food was sogood-one word. Man oh man, it did not disappoint. Not one bit. I can't wait to go back for round two and try the fried chicken.
I don't know where you're reading from, but here in KC we're all pretty much on cloud nine because our Kansas City Royals are on fire, working on securing their spot in the the world series, so it was pretty cool when we realized Billy Butler (our DH) was in the house. Just an added birthday bonus.
I had already taken a few bites of my pumpkin pie, but it was too good not to document anyway.
We had talked about going to see a movie after dinner, but in all it's lameness, we were exhausted after a glass of wine and full bellies, so we opted to head home and relieve my parents. It was simple and perfect, a simply perfect birthday. I was feeling the love and ready to embrace 27...
 ...and then I woke up. Yes, to this, our garage door in shambles. Awesome, right? Don't worry, it's been fixed already so all of you burglars and Wasco clowns can just stay away. Haha. It pretty much stinks that this happened, but we got it fixed and we're moving on. The only thing left is the giant bruise on my neck from one of the panels swinging off the hinges and throat-checking me while I was trying to help Kory "fix" it. Merp. Thank you for the warmest welcome, 27. ;)
I really am looking forward to the next year, it's sure to give 26 a run for it's money.
Melissa Loren

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