Sunday, November 23, 2014

{First Birthday Favorites}

{Drum Set}{Bean Bag}{VTech Smart Wheels}{Basketball Goal}{VTech Bath Bubbles Whale}

Sooo, it's been a while. Have you missed us? ;)
We're still here, we've just been adjusting and growing and staying so super busy! I know the holidays will only make us busier, but I'm going to try and be around more often.

I know I have several readers who have first birthday parties that aren't too far away and with Christmas coming up as well, I thought I'd share some of Henry's favorite gifts from his first birthday. We didn't go too crazy for Henry's birthday because we still don't feel like we should be buying tons of stuff at this point. I made him that personalized superhero book that I shared a while back and then we bought him his own chair (pictured above) from Restoration Hardware. The chair has been a huge hit. He loves the soft faux fur, climbing all over it (uh oh) and he likes to just sit in it and relax and open up a good book. ;)
We all know how much Henry loves bath time so the vtech whale bubble-blower has been a big hit too. He loves the bubbles and the music of course!
Every little one needs a little music in their life and Henry has really taken to his drum set. I have to talk him out of drumming on the walls, but overall it's been pretty great for him. HA.
I'd say the vtech smart wheels car is #2 on Henry's list. It grows with your little one, so it has different stages. We have it set where it's a car with a handle on the back to push and this child looooooves it! We do laps around the house and he just screams and giggles the entire time. It also has several learning tools and he likes to push the buttons and hear the sounds.
#1 on everyone's list is 100% the little tikes basketball goal. I'm a little biased because I always played basketball, but I promise Henry is obsessed with this. We spend a good chunk of our days playing basketball and throwing the ball. He gets crazy excited when you pick him up and help him make a shot. He's too short to make a shot on his own yet, but you better believe he still tries. I love it, it's the most adorable thing.
Henry got so much stuff for his birthday. So much that I had to rearrange our coat closet to make room for toys so that I could put them on rotation. We have a toy corner in our living room and it literally gives me anxiety, there's so much stuff haha. It wasn't enough though, because we just picked up this art easel from ikea for Christmas!
Henry will be almost 14 months come Christmas, so I'd love to hear your suggestions for gifts!
I hope everyone has an amazing Monday!
Melissa Loren

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