Tuesday, November 4, 2014

{Henry's First BirthDAY!}

Friday afternoon, the day before Henry's first birthday, I snuck into his nursery to stare at him and weep over the fact that my baby has grown up so fast. This was a true treasure. This rarely happens since Henry hasn't ever really napped well and is such a light sleeper. I could help but stare at him and cry, so many memories in such a short time. How far we've come. Le sigh.
Saturday morning we woke up and I wanted to make Henry a special breakfast for his first birthday. I realized it was his GOLDEN birthday a few days before, so I decided to make him some gold pancakes. His first pancakes, of course. He wasn't too sure at first, but then he got down on them.
We spent the entire day at home relaxing with our little king and doing whatever he wanted to do. He must've known he was going to have a big day the next day, because he napped really well. That evening I baked him a mini cake (I tried one of those can cakes) with M&Ms and he went nuts for it. I couldn't even believe it. Surprisingly, it was straight to the bath and bed after this. He was down for the count, I think he had a pretty rad day. 
It was a fun day hanging out and celebrating our bubba bear.
I still can't believe it. A ONE year old. 
I'll have a post with his party deets next!
Melissa Loren

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