Monday, November 24, 2014

{Skincare Regimen + Rodan and Fields}

Ok I will be the first to admit that I am terrrrrible about taking care of my skin. I'd probably look decrepit in no time if I hadn't started taking care of my skin, because I am notorious for sleeping in my makeup. I know you guys, don't even start yelling at me. I know how bad it is. In all fairness, for the longest time I hardly wore makeup at all. If that helps? A little? These days, I get a little more artsy with my makeup, so I'm fully aware that I need to be tending to my face and really washing all of the makeup and filth off at night.
That's where my friend Natalie and Rodan and Fields come in. I was lucky enough to try a facial and the micro-dermasbrasion paste and oh.em.geeee. I promise I don't want this post to sound like an ad(because I'm not at all being compensated for this), it's just me sharing a product that I enjoy and respect and really want to share with you all. As women we are active, we're mommas, we're the caretakers, we're up all hours of the night and our faces can be one of the first places that show our hard work and exhaustion (other than our love handles, but that's a totally different post), so we have to take care of our beautiful-selves!!!
I just had to share because I've been blown away by the results of Rodan and Fields. I'm not one of the ladies who has used it for months and months (yet), but the few times that I have used it, it's left my skin buttery and the very best way. Nothing is better than fresh, healthy skin. Am I right?!
You guys, if you want to try any of these products, you have to contact my friend Natalie. She can get you hooked up and get your skin looking healthy and beautiful! Feel free to visit her site {http://Nhoagland.Myrandf.Com }.
In the meantime let's get you entered for a chance to win a free mini facial and a package of eye wipes! The only catch is that you will be responsible for following on social media or returning here to see if you won! You'll have 24 hours after I announce the winner on Saturday!
Melissa Loren


  1. My skin has been a wreck for all three years of Dean's existence :(

  2. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!!

  3. No matter your skin type, there is something that will work well with it. I love the line! Irma Clay


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