Thursday, March 26, 2015

{Fearless Henry Harper}

If you're my friend on Instagram, then you've probably already had a chance to see some of these photos, but I still wanted to share our trip to feed the Elk, here on the blog! 

Between our two local lakes (Jacomo and Blue Springs) there is a Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure. It's pretty rad, it's 110 acres is home to Bison, Elk and White Tail Deer. Obviously there's a fence, but you can get pretty close and personal with the giant mammals! You're able to feed them, which makes things even cooler. 

A couple of weeks ago the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we NEEDED to be outside! We decided to grab a 5-lb bag of carrots at the store and head out to feed them. Once we got there I quickly realized that 5 pounds wasn't enough. We could've stayed there and fed them all day, but we ran out after ten minutes or so. The Elk must've been hungry! It was hilarious because I thought for sure that Henry would be terrified, so I picked him up to soothe him and let him know that there wasn't anything to be afraid of. Once he saw me feed the Bull Elk, he immediately wanted down, and he wanted a carrot!! He of course had to get the carrot out of the bag himself, and then he had to feed the bull himself! Wild, huh?! I could not believe how fearless he was. Even I was still a little timid with those giant antlers and dark eyes staring at us! Needless to say, he was pretty bummed when he could see the bottom of the empty carrot bag. :(
Oh to be fearless like Henry Harper! He teaches me everyday, people!
My big boy! Looking back at these photos is crazy now that he has such a big boy haircut. Ha!
Thanks for following along again, friends. Feel free to share these posts if you know someone would enjoy them, as Instagram and Twitter are my only outlets these days!
Melissa Loren

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