Monday, December 28, 2015

{Bits of Christmas}

I'm sure everyone is sick of Christmas by now, but I had to share a few of my favorite Christmas pics!  It was an absolutely wonderful holiday, full of love, blessings and family. Henry is very well-loved and I'm just so thankful that he is! It seemed like we were busier than ever this holiday, but we enjoyed every minute of it.
So first, I had to share Henry's Santa picture. It was the first year he managed to not be terrified lol.
The night before Christmas Eve we had to stop by Aunt Carl's (my best friend), to exchange gifts. H got this awesome alligator truck!
We spent a casual Christmas Eve morning at my parents house. Henry was so spoiled! And the adults were spoiled with ribeyes and baked potatoes the size of our heads. Just what I like. ;)
Christmas Eve evening was spent at my Aunt Kitter's(Kathy). We had to get dressed up for her and my cousins. Don't tell my mom, but that's always the meal I look forward to. Aunt Kathy can C O O K. That's where we always watch It's a Wonderful Life as well. I love traditions.
Christmas morning bubble bread, that's also one of our traditions. We spent the morning lounging and opening presents from Santa!
Annnd I had to pose with my favorite new coffee mug, more on that tomorrow!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by!
Melissa Loren

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