Monday, December 28, 2015

{Things You Should Be Buying at Target}

I'm finally doing another one of these posts. Shoutout to my girl Natalie, for requesting one! :-*

With my obsession with coffee and my recent Keurig gift, I had to add a pair of cute mugs! Love the font on these and the simplicity. 

Decorative pillows are a must. Good morning gorgeous? I'll take 5. I think this one's maybe meant for a teen's room, buuuuut who cares! Haa. 

If you're not totally burnt out on red plaid yet, you can't beat the price of this vest.  I'll admit that I love the fur hood too. 

I own a couple of these wire baskets and I absolutely love them. My mom bought me several new blankets for Christmas and absolutely none of them match my decor lol. They are beautiful, nonetheless, and the biggest, softest blankets I've ever owned. So obviously I'm convinced I need this tall wire basket to roll them up in!

It's that time of year for big, beautiful scarves and one can never own too many! This black and white one is on my wish list. 

Globes are my jam and the color of this particular one is phenomenal. It's so classy, I just love it. 

And last, but not least, because I'd like to have a blanket that actually *does* match my decor, this one is legit. Love the buffalo plaid, the color and the Sherpa. This one is already in my shopping cart. ;)

I've missed these posts. Why is target so good? WHY?! 

Have a great day, y'all!
Melissa Loren 

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