Thursday, December 3, 2015

Henry's 2nd Birthday!

Since I mentioned Henry recently turned 1 yesterday, I figured that was a great segue into a detailed post about his party. Most of my friends were either there, or have already seen these pics, so my apologies to y'all!! 

Anyway, for MONTHS Henry was obsessed with Paw Patrol. He knew all the pups, Chase was his favorite of course. He liked it so much, he even found his voice a little more. He started talking so much once he started watching it and playing with all his Paw Patrol toys. So naturally I'd have a Paw Patrol themed party, right? Right. I swore I'd never have a character party, but really, Henry could recognize everything and he LUUUURRRRVED it! Basically my opinion is out the window these days and I'm pretty ok with that. :) 
It was kind of generic in decor, you know, Party City plates, balloons and treat bags, but the cake was as authentic as they come and the room was so full of love that I could feel my heart trying to burst. ;) Henry got all the Paw Patrol toys-no really, I don't think there's another one out there for him. He got them all. And then, the day after his party... HE FELL IN LOVE WITH BLAZE. Yep, out with the old and in with the new. Now it's, "Blaze? Trucks? Baze? Cheese (please)?" 
Good thing I got him a Fire Chief power wheels as his present or I'd be chopped liver. 😜 PS: I know some people think power wheels are generic gifts too, but good golly was it a win! 

Melissa Loren 

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