Friday, December 4, 2015

Henry at TWO!

Wow, so I wrote this post a little over a year ago. First of all, how is that possible? Second of all, my how things have changed! I will never forget how hard that first year was, life with a newborn is a lot like Groundhog Day. But life with a toddler, life with a Henry Harper, now that's an adventure! Two year olds are pretty much the most magnificent creatures there are. At this point they're pretty much fully capable human beings. In the sense that they're fully capable of manipulation, melting your heart and making your blood boil, all in the same instance. The power our children have over us. Le sigh. 
Here is Henry totally manipulating me. "Sure, I'll give you a picture, mom, but only so I can have my end of the deal."
The elusive Elmo, melting my heart, one adorable pose at a time. I mean really? Does it get better than Elmo in Chuck's? PS Henry was Halloween's #1 fan this year. He was basically blown away by the idea of free, all-you-can-eat candy. 
I didn't snap this picture in time, but if you saw yesterday's post, you probably caught a glimpse of Henry sticking his fingers in his ears. This is how he makes my blood boil. He does this when he's tired of hearing what you have to say, or if he doesn't want to do something. Clever, eh? I have no idea where he learned this, but I think I'll start trying this too. Haha. 

This little man of mine is ever evolving. A human sponge. A mockingbird. He's always learning and growing. From learning how to carry a conversation, to learning how to love, he's always up for a new adventure. And I love that about him! He'll always give you a good laugh too...
This photo is a couple months old, but he STILL loves putting his teeth in to chase and scare people at my mom's restaurant. It's the most hilarious/adorable thing there is. He's always making people laugh at work. <3
Sweetest boy there ever was. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
Melissa Loren

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