Sunday, December 13, 2015

Henry's First BAB Experience!

Lately, Henry is so obsessed with stuffed animals. We went from absolutely nothing in his crib, except for a sheet, to three blankets and twenty seven stuffed animals. Before naptime and bedtime we literally have to go through and make sure each stuffie is in there. Insert eye roll. No, but honestly, it's basically the sweetest thing ever. SO since he loves them like he does, I thought it would be the perfect time for him to build his own! We hit up Build-A-Bear and Henry couldn't believe his eyes. SOMANYSTUFFIES!!!! They had Chase, which was his first option, but then he saw a dinosaur...and skates-a dinosaur on skates. But all were cast aside once he laid eyes on the deer. He loves deer anyway, but I think there's also a Christmas connection, so that's what he had to have. 
After he picked and stuffed his deer, it was time to pick out a heart. He went with the plaid (that's my boy) and he gave it a sweet kiss-which you can't see because of my poor angle. 
Such a big boy, stuffing his deer's heart in place. She sewed him up and Henry's new stuffie was ready to go. Henry decided to bypass any clothes, he liked his deer just the way he was. 

We went to the certificate station next. I asked Henry wanted he wanted to name his new stuffie...he went with, 'Deer!' Haha. Here's a peek at Henry and Deer, the deer. 
Him's so sweet snuggling Deer. :) Hashtag besties! 

Melissa Loren

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