Tuesday, December 8, 2015

{More Christmas Traditions}

Yes, more Christmas festivities. Have I ever mentioned that this is my favorite time of year? ;) 
When I was growing up we didn't have a lot of traditions, so I decided when Henry was born that we would make certain things annual events. Christmas in the Park was first on this list. Our parks and recs, along with many other sponsors, hosts a drive-thru light exhibit. It's the perfect excuse for hot chocolate and warm sweaters-two of my favorite things. :) AND, it's free, I might add. They just ask for a small donation. 
Last year Henry was aware of what was going on, but this year Henry thought it was the coolest thing ever. He kept yelling, "YIGHTS (lights)!!!!" It's so cool to see him get excited and really enjoy something. I love hearing him tell me the colors of the yights and saying "ho ho," when he sees Santa. Watching him learn and grow is endearing. 
We added Christmas in the Sky to the list this year, it's the opening of Christmas in the Park and they celebrate with a huge fireworks display. Another thing that Henry's a big fan of. I wasn't sure how he'd take to the fireworks at this stage, but they were his jam. 
It was hard to take pictures in the dark, and I didn't take as many as I would've liked, but here's a few from our evening a couple of weeks ago...
Plus a straggler from our Union Station trip, I'll post those later. Just a couple more weeks until Christmas, guys!!!
Melissa Loren

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