Tuesday, December 29, 2015

{My Favorite Christmas Gifts 2015}

Another Christmas has come and gone, can you believe it? I'm kinda sad that it's already over, I've even taken down tree. Womp womb. The good news is, we can keep talking about it here on the blog ;). I don't remember if I've done this in years past, but I thought it'd be fun to go over some of my favorite gifts that H and I received. 

First, let's talk about this Marc Jacobs eyeliner. It's incredible. I'm 100% all about my Sephora liquid liner, but I love this one for my bottom lash line and when I'm not "winging it." This one is so smooth and very pigmented. The black is very distinguished and bold. I love it. It's also a little more pricey which is exactly why I love that it was a gift. Hahaha. Thanks mom.

Next, let's talk about the ultimate stocking package...a gym bundle. Gym membership, headbands, new water bottle and a Dick's gift card. That's a stocking stuffer! I'm so excited to get back on track and start the new year off right.

Have you guys heard of Madre Beads yet? I'm sure most of you have, but if you haven't, go check them out. They're beautiful, handmade necklaces for mamas and minis. I have had this Bonnie necklace in my cart for months, and now I can't stop wearing it. They're absolutely perfect for nursing and baby wearing, but they're not *just* for mamas.

My 2 favorite gifts that Henry received were his adorable new Toms and his train table. The Toms are diverse and can be worn with everything and the train table is everything to him. This little boy loves trains, so to have an entire table designated to train play is perfection. He hasn't stopped playing with it since Christmas! <3

Annnd I finally got a Keurig! Hallelujah. Now I can stop wasting way too much money on Starbucks. I've also been playing with this since Christmas. I've been testing different coffees and syrups, trying to find yummy combos. I'd love to know your favorites. I'm a newbie, so I'll take any tips!

These are definitely worth mentioning as well. They're one of my new favorites. Knee high boots are my fave and the wedge makes this pair ridiculously comfortable.
Henry's honorable mention would probably be his Paw Patrol tent. Hehe. :)
Welp, there ya have it, some of my Christmas must haves.
Thanks for reading!
Melissa Loren

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