Monday, December 14, 2015

An Out of This World Birthday!

This weekend, Henry and I went to his best bud's birthday party-Jack Duke. Jack and Henry have been hanging out for a while now. They're favorite activities include, feeding the goats, picking out pumpkins and running around like mad men. ;)
Jack's party was a blast! Literally, it was space themed. I wanted to share because I thought this was such a clever idea. From the rocket fuel, to the lunar pizzas, Jack's momma nailed it. Yes I said lunar pizzas-she had an amazing idea to have the pizza shop perfectly place the toppings to look like lunar phases. So geeky and I absolutely LOVED it! Of course we were late, so I didn't get to snap a picture of the pizzas. Womp, womp. But isn't the cake adorable? It's from the same friend that did Henry's Paw Patrol cake. She's really growing and learning, I'm proud of her! (You can find her under Jackie's Cakes and Desserts on Facebook!) 
Of course Jack's parents are the coolest and had a bounce house at the party, *which* Henry was obsessed with and pretty much refused to get out of, ha! He was the last man standing...errr, sitting. 
Birthdays are just the best, aren't they? Happy birthday again, Jack. We had a BLAST!
Melissa Loren 


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