Monday, January 4, 2016

{DIY Growth Chart}

Happy New Year, friends! I thought we could start off 2016 with a little DIY. This one is super easy, super affordable and can be designed so many different ways. 
I wanted a growth chart for Henry's room, because when I was growing up my parents had one for me next to my closet. It's still there and it's always fun to go back and look at. 
Henry has a slight woodland theme going on in his room these days, so I wanted one that was a bit rustic. Gold numbers were my first thought, but ultimately I thought black would be best for his room. :)

Here's what you need:
Wood board-I got a 1x6x6
Sander or sandpaper
Stain in your color of choice-I went with Espresso
Spray paint, also your choice
Permanent Marker
Painter's tape
Once you've sanded your board, you'll want to stain it and let it dry. I used the rag(t-shirt material) to gently rub the stain in. Once the stain has dried you can draw out your ruler marks. I just used a permanent marker for these. You can make your lines thicker if you choose. Next you'll take your number stencil and tape it down where you want your numbers. Once the stencil is taped down, you can spray on your numbers. Remember to spray very lightly to avoid bleeding!! Let it dry again and then you're ready to hang it! If you have littles I highly recommend anchoring it to the wall or just completely screwing it into the wall! Safety first, people. :)
I still need to hang Henry's, I haven't 100% decided where I want it yet. Originally I wanted it to the left of those bookshelves, but I didn't realize that the space wasn't wide enough for the board. Merp. I'm thinking maybe by his closet, like my parents did?!  
Again, you could probably design your board a thousand different ways, but I was going for a simple, rustic vibe. I think it's just perfect for H's room!
Thanks for reading my first post of 2016!
Melissa Loren

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