Thursday, January 28, 2016

{Fun at Sky Zone + a Review}

Ok, so we've been to Sky Zone a few times now and I have a few thoughts on it. First off, Henry loves it, and that's all that really matters haha. I guess I'll have to say that we've only been during toddler time, so that makes a big difference. I believe toddler time is 5 and under and Wednesday and Sunday mornings. If you've never been before, be sure to sign up online ahead of time or get there early so you don't lose any of your play time. The first time we went it was so packed and you have to fill out a waiver at a kiosk before paying and getting checked in. Toddler time is exactly an hour long, so to get your money's worth I think it's best to take care of that early. One toddler is free with the purchase of an adult jump, and it's only $10 for 60 minutes of jumping during toddler time. Plus $2 for the special sky zone socks!
Negatives, if I can really even call them that...
I wish the foam pit was bigger, like 3 times bigger. It's Henry's favorite and it gets very crowded during toddler time and trying to convince 10+ toddlers to go one at a time is kind of nuts. I get it, but I'm kinda bitter every time we go that I can't jump on the same trampoline as my child. It breaks my heart that he always asks me to jump with and he doesn't understand me yet when I say it's against the rules. It's getting more and more popular, so it gets pretty tight, they don't always open up extra jumping areas, and that would be my only other complaint. When you can't jump on the same square as your child and there aren't enough squares for you, they shouldn't be so stingy with the open jump areas. ;)
Overall it's a good time, I'm just needy haha. Henry absolutely adores it and has no impatience. He doesn't mind taking turns and bouncing solo. Trooper.
This little one loves the basketball goals, and I had to post the bottom right photo-it's a rare snap of Henry Harper pouting because another little boy jacked his ball ha. He was over it seconds later and ready to get back to the foam pit.
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