Monday, January 25, 2016

{I Have a Boy}

Sometimes I catch myself questioning if I'm raising a good boy. Which I realize sounds absolutely ridiculous as I type that out, but it's the truth. And honestly, I think it's easy to do. I think every mom questions herself from time time.

We live in a violent world, and as a mom, all I want is to protect my son and raise him to have a heart of gold. So when nerf darts are flying at me, and everything around us becomes a weapon of some sort, I can't help but worry where he's already learning this...

...I forgot, I have a boy.

If it's not the guns and swords, it's the wrestling and play-fighting. As a mom, and a girl, I can't help but think, "should you be wanting to wrestle already?!"

...I forgot, I HAVE A BOY.
Boys are boys. They're just wired differently than us. Even though my son is yelling "boom, boom, boom," and gently punching me, he means me no harm. It's just play to him, it's his fun. And I'm learning with him. We're learning what's ok and what's not ok and when the time is appropriate and when it's not. We find a balance between rough and tough boy stuff, and snuggles and soft touches.

Baths end with me playing matador and Henry crashing into my towel like a bull, but I wrap him up in that towel and love on him before he has a chance to say, "a-din (again)?!"

Henry is full of spirit, but he's so genuinely caring. I can always talk a kiss out of him. He doesn't sleep without his big, bug-eyed, ty friends. He doesn't go to bed without snuggling first. He doesn't leave Gigi's without a hug and kiss, from Granddad too! He never forgets please and thank you.
There will be mud, and poop, trucks, and guns, play-fighting and licking (gag me), but at the end of the day, my little momma's boy has a heart made of the purest gold. 

I have a boy. <3
Melissa Loren

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