Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Best Friend's Wedding!

I know it's a new year, but I just have to share a few pictures from my bestie's wedding. It was in November, but with the holidays, I somehow lost track of all organization. Weird, I know. HA. 
Anyway. I know I'm supposed to say that every detail was perfect and that the bride was stunning, it's my duty as the Maid of Honor(just throwing that in there lol). Right? The truth is, it truly was flawless, and no one in the world was more beautiful than my sweet friend was on her wedding day. And of course every detail she put together was complete perfection. Her dress, the venue, the food, it was all a dream. I'm so thankful to have shared their day!
Here's a few too many pics. Henry was one of the ring bearers, of course, so I had to share too many of him. Check out how handsome he is and how perfect the couple is!
Was I right, or was I right? That dress. Her hair. She's just gorgeous. And how 'bout those chuck's and  that bow tie on H?! GAH. Such a big boy, so proud of my nuggie. 
Hey guys-thanks for stopping by day after day and for following on  Facebook and everywhere else, it keeps me motivated to keep going. My break was much needed, but I'm glad to be back!
Melissa Loren
Most images are mine, a few are courtesy of Kenny Felt Photography.

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