Monday, January 25, 2016

{Weekend Fun}

Happy Monday, y'all! I'm off on Mondays so I always look forward to them, that's also why I'm late at getting this post up. Henry and I enjoyed sleeping in this morning. I'll be quick because I promised him donuts, and coffee for myself! I haven't done a weekend fun post in so very long. I think that might be my new Monday thing, if I can remember to take photos haha. 

We've had lots of snow and cold weather around here so we've been trying to find fun indoor activities. We've done lots of painting, which has been hard on my OCD. lol. You should've seen the mess in my kitchen last night. Gah. Friday night we stayed in and watched a movie and ate some popcorn in bed. Saturday evening we thought we'd be fancy and go downtown for dinner. I wanted to go to my favorite italian restaurant, Anthony's, but I had to idea they'd be packed at 5:00. I haven't been out for a while, I guess. They were booked until 8, and with a hungry toddler, I think all of you know how that would've gone. I decided to try one of my favorite mexican restaurants as a backup. When we got there we were told it would be a 45 minute wait (seriously, at 5 o'clock?), we were already downtown so it didn't make since to drive all the way home. They had a couple of open seats at the bar and the bartender was so kind and whipped us up a couple of virgin strawberry daiquiris. I don't think we waited a full 45 minutes, and once we were seated the mariachi band was right by us and Henry just LOVED it. He clapped and yelled YAY every time they finished a song. Such a sweetie. :)
Sunday morning we went to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park here in town. Henry just loves going. There are certain things that I'm not too fond of as a parent, but he just has a ball so I love taking him. I have several photos, but I think I'll post those all together later and write a little bit about sky zone, for those who haven't made it there yet!
After we jumped our little hearts out we had a big lunch with Gigi and Grandad. We always do Sunday dinner with my parents, my mom usually cooks, but this Sunday she wanted to treat us and take us out. Henry was a ham and he even got a semi-lame super cool Spiderman balloon.
Nothing too wild over here this weekend, just keeping this kiddo busy. I'm hoping to have the rest of the sky zone photos up really soon with a little review!
Melissa Loren

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