Thursday, February 4, 2016

{Taking Our Time At The Donut Shop}

Henry and I stick to a pretty mundane schedule on days that I work. We wake up, watch some cartoons, get ready, grab Starbucks and head to Gigi's. So when I decided to pick up donuts on the way to work last week, Henry was more than excited. Kid loves him some donuts. When we got there I took him out of his car seat and let him walk in on his own. He pushed the door open like a big boy, waved and said hi to the elderly lady helping us and pointed to the donut that he wanted. Tell me, WHY do they grow up so fast?! 
Not only is he growing up way too fast, right before my very eyes, he's also always trying to teach me a lesson. You see, I wanted to grab the donuts and hurry off to work. Henry didn't like that idea. I said, "cmon bubba let's go bye bye," and he saw the stools at the donut bar and said, "no, sit!" I told him we didn't have time for that, that we had to get to work. Once again, he looked at me and said, "sit, mom," as he patted the little stool.
Honestly, how could I refuse his offer? We sat, and he smiled at me so wide, my heart could've burst. He immediately started chomping on his sprinkled donut and said, "MMMMM," so loud that the ladies down the bar started giggling. 
I sat there, staring at him, watching him eat, taking it all in. I pondered on how many other moments I've rushed through.
I wish I remembered where I read this incredible article when I was pregnant. I hardly remember the article, let alone where I read it, but parts of it have always stuck with me. It's always reminded me not to be impatient with my child. As adults we can feel like a child is slowing us down, or not keeping up. We can get frustrated or impatient and just want to rush, rush, rush. The article was about a mom who was always in a hurry and always rushing her little girl and hollering for her to keep up. I literally have flashes of that article once a week or so, and I'm so thankful that I do. It keeps me grounded and reminds me that Henry is learning and evolving and every word that I say to him sticks with him in some way.
So even though the big red clock on the wall of the donut shop was ticking closer and closer to work time, I sat there and stared at my tiny human as we chit-chatted (small talk with a two year old can be fascinating). And it was the best part of my day.
I'm so thankful that he's here on this earth with me to remind me to slow down and enjoy the little things. These moments together, with our loved ones are the only ones that really matter.
Slow down today. Do something out of the norm, and take your time. Do it with someone you love.
Thank you, Henry Harper, for teaching me your way. I love you.

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