Thursday, March 24, 2016

{Figure Update}

Ok, insert eye roll emoji for this post, but whatever, you're getting this post anyway haha. In my post the other day, I mentioned that I had gained some weight. Apparently I'm a stress eater because I had gotten all the way back up to the weight I was when I sat at home with Henry for 4 months after having him. I was making every excuse not to make it to the gym and I was killing the fast food game. I decided it was time for me to quit making excuses and get back in control. My schedule is so wonky these days so getting to the gym is somewhat of a chore. Every other day I go at 5 in the morning and the other days I go after I get off work late in the evening, usually about 8 pm. I knew I had to get over my schedule and just commit to going in the mornings *and* after work, even if I would be tired. If you have followed along for a while, then you know that I did this after having Henry and I was super strict about my diet. This time around I really wanted it to be a lifestyle change and not a quick weight loss challenge. So I haven't been as strict with my diet. As in, I'm not just eating chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes for every meal like I did last time. I have noticed that I've unintentionally dropped dairy, sugar and bread from my meals. I do have a cheat meal once a week and the occasional peanut butter m&m ;) It's hard not to snack with Henry bear around!
I do a cardio warm up, but for the most part I do a lot of weight lifting. I lost my initial 10 pounds super fast and now I'm starting to flatline a bit, so I think it may be time to switch things up and adjust my meals a bit. I'd love to hear your advice for pushing through and losing more weight after that initial loss. I'd also love to know your favorite healthy snacks! I love snacking and I'm always racking my brain for healthy ideas! I've been working out almost everyday for about 4 or 5 weeks now, so this is just the beginning. I didn't take a picture my first week, I really wish I would've so you could see the progress, but here's what I do have.
 I'll probably share a few of these from time to time and maybe some of my workouts and recipes. It's actually really cool to see myself progress since this is the first time I've done everything completely on my own-no nutritionist(not that I've ever had one of those lol), no trainer, no gym partner, just me myself and I. Honestly, it has become like therapy and I'm obsessed with getting to the gym and having a little *me* time.
Shoutout to all the ladies hitting the gym and checking in or updating their own progress, because seeing y'all motivated me so much to get back into it!
Happy Easter weekend!
Melissa Loren

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