Wednesday, March 23, 2016

{Henry Harper, Lately}

A little bit about my boy, lately...
28 month old Henry is full of personality. He's ornery, he's funny, he's charming and he is ever so sweet. The other day, he came up to me at work, squeezed my leg real tight and said, 'You're the best, MOM!" I thought my ovaries were going to burst-one of the perks of a nonstop talking two year old. On the contrary, it can be rough having a talkative two year old, walking through Target these days sounds like this, "Look mom. Mom look. Look at this mom. Mom look. Mom look. Mom look........................." Literally 5,000 times as he shows me every single pen, chapstick and toy in the store. There's also the, "Mom watch this," and the fake sneezes followed by a "bless me." Excuse me's have also started proceeding toots and burps which somehow is the cutest thing ever. Hey, at least he has manners, right?
And we're definitely in the mockingbird stage. The other day my mom said something ridiculous to me and I responded with, "OH GAAAWD," next thing I know, there's a little boy running around saying OH GAWD!!! I think my two favorites are when I tell him he's cute and he says, "no you're cute mom," or when I tell him I love him and he says, "No, I love you mom!" 
He loves to be outside, shoot hoops and play with cars. He loves to wrestle, play ball & feed the fish. He's getting really good at puzzles, alphabet puzzles are his favorite. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is his favorite song to sing at bedtime...and he won't go to sleep without holding hands and singing it. He also has to be *right* by me at all times, snuggled up, "Want yew mom. Need yew mom. Hold yew." It's the absolute best.
Most people think he's older than he is because he's so well behaved and he's a talking machine. You can tell that he already has the biggest heart and he is going to be sensitive and emotional like his momma. His smile lights up the room and his dimples always get him whatever he wants.
I very much enjoy watching him grow, and the stages seem to get better and better, but I know it's going to go so quick (it already has) and I struggle with just wanting him to be my little guy forever. I try to soak up every single moment. It's hard not to with an amazing kid like Henry Harper. <3
Sorry gotta go, Henry wants to, "Hold haaands!"
Melissa Loren

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