Monday, April 11, 2016

{Day One}

I've come strides on my own, but I'm so ready to push myself even farther. I'd like to kick the cravings, rid my body of the bad stuff and prep myself for optimal nutrition+muscle gains. No more cheat days. I always cheat on Saturday or Sunday, but the 24 day challenge doesn't call for a cheat day, so that will be an adjustment. Ha. I'll be cracking down even more on the food side. More green veggies, less fruit and granola. So for this week, I got ground turkey, chicken breasts, broccoli, edamame, carrots, hummus, brown rice, bananas and raspberries for Henry. :) Of course tons of water. I think I'm ready. I'm going to sit down today and look over my workouts, maybe switch those up a bit. I want to find a day to focus more on my core, as that area is the area I think that needs the most help. I won't post, every day, but I do hope to do a halfway post and a results post. Hope you guys don't mind. If you're interested in signing up and doing this challenge with me, you can check out my site and order yours, plus I have a group on Facebook to help keep us all accountable and motivated. I'll add you once you get signed up. I plan to post food, workouts and lots of motivation in the group!
Here's my site to order yours or any other Advocare products you might need:
They have an awesome deal right now where you get a bonus spark and free shipping, so it's hard to beat right now.
Here we go, y'all! Wish me luck!
Melissa Loren

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