Tuesday, April 5, 2016

{Healthy Living + Terra}

Continuing on with some of my healthy posts today. :) They say 90% of health and weight loss is contributed to diet and and only 10% is exercise and gym time, and I have to say that is 100% accurate. I don't see any progress if I'm not caring for my body and watching what I put in it. When I first started, I could look at my belly and literally *see* that it had been stuffed with fast food and junk for months and months. After only 7 weeks of really being considerate about what I put in my body, I can see a clear difference in my tummy and "muffin top" area. It has challenged me to keep learning and to keep being aware of what I'm actually eating on a regular basis. So I asked my mom to join me in a trip to Terra, a health and wellness store. It's a locally owned health food store here where I live. It's full of food that is organic, free of artificial dyes and sweeteners, and much more. 
I only recently learned the term "crunchy," while I'm not quite there (nor will I probably ever be lol), I have to admit I'm becoming obsessed with reading labels and looking for only the very best for Henry and me. My mom and I looked around, found a few things, sampled a few things and I'm going to share my thoughts on Terra with you.
First things first, they have carts for kiddos, Henry's day was made! First win for Terra. ;)
So here's what I bought/sampled...
Some granola, ezekiel bread, protein powder and a few kind bars. I had just done some grocery shopping and I'm really struggling with healthy snacks, so snacks were really the point of this trip. The kind bars are amazing, I've always loved those. I buy the oat kind bars from Target and they're one of my favorite on the go snacks. Granola is another snack I love. I'll just much on it plain, but I'll also put it on yogurt sometimes. The Love Crunch Peanut Butter and Chocolate granola is SOOOO GOOD!! So good that I'll definitely have to measure it out to make sure I don't sit there and eat the entire bag. Yikes. lol. At 150 calls per serving and 5 grams of sugar it's the perfect dessert treat for me. My sweet friend Diana is always posting her eats, and I know she treats her body well so I love to follow her and she inspired me to try Ezekiel bread. I don't eat bread often, but it's perfect for when I do. I actually tried a slice this morning with my Justin's peanut butter and it was the perfect amount and taste! The nutritional facts on this bread are pretty great, I don't feel guilty eating it at all. And then there's the protein shake. Let me start with this-it's really good for you. 160 calls, 20 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of sugar, at least 50% of your daily vitamins, 6 servings of greens and 25% of your daily fiber. So basically it's better than anything I eat, because I could never get all those greens and vitamins in on my own! Here's the catch, I got a mixed berry sample, a chocolate sample and a very large, very expensive bottle of the mixed berry aaaannnnd I hate the mixed berry. I was gagging the entire time trying to choke it down. It was MISERABLE. Miserable. My bestie, Carly suggested the Vega shakes to me. She's in Japan right now, so I waited a few hours for her to be awake and then I immediately texted her and yelled at her!!!! lol. She pointed out that I failed to listen to her, as she had told me that the Mixed Berry was the worst option of all the flavors!! Gah! Major fail. Needless to say, I tried the chocolate shake, and I can survive that one. Ha. Hoping Terra will let me pop in and exchange the flavors because I really like the idea of all the vitamins and minerals. 
Overall it was a really good trip. Henry had fun, I found some good stuff and got some ideas for my next grocery trip. Carly also told me that their salad and smoothie bar is incredible. We didn't get to try those because we had just had breakfast, but we'll be back very soon!
More baby steps into a healthy lifestyle!
I hope you all enjoyed this post!
Melissa Loren

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