Wednesday, April 27, 2016

{My Reason}

I've been sharing so much about my fitness lately, I think it's time to switch it up and chat about my little man. This was him napping yesterday. Totally zonked. So sweet. So pure. So innocent. I glanced at him and I was taken back to his newborn days. He's growing up and changing so quickly, but every now and then I still see my tiny little baby.
I realize that I flood social media with my workouts and my Advocare biz and whatever else, but he's why. He's my reason for grinding and putting myself out there every day. I hustle for him. He has two loving parents, but he has a mom that will never settle and who will do all that she can to provide him  with everything that he needs. If that means working harder and pushing myself to be my very best, I'll do all that it takes and I'll never stop. It's hard some days to be motivated. It's hard to get through the work day, it's hard to make ends meet, but then this little human of mine will come up to me, squeeze me tight and say, "loves you mahm." And boy does he love me. And that's the only reason I need. 
I hope he always knows that he was always my reason to never give up. <3

"Want you mom."-Henry Harper
You've got me forever dude.


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