Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Things You Should Be Buying at Target: Shoe Edition

{Fringed Ankle Boots}{Woven Side Bootie}{Strappy Ankle Bootie}{Strappy Wedge}{Huarache Sandals}{Thong Sandals}

I just love these posts, and honestly, I could have done like 6 different editions. I walked through Target the other day, to pick out my groceries for my challenge and I caught myself putting things in my cart (and then back to the shelf) *more* often than usual. Is that possible? I guess it's the season change. Cute shoes, cute bikinis, cute sundresses, new outdoor pillows, new doormats...
...I wanted it all!!! I stuck to my groceries though. Boring, I know. I decided I'd come home and fill my virtual cart instead.
And apparently, I have a certain taste in shoes? Chunky heels. Suede. Nude/brown. Weird. I didn't realize I was picking such similar shoes, but I need all of these in my spring closet! All of these would be so cute with anything, daisy dukes, sundresses, leggings, you name it, they'd work. They'd all be super versatile and super comfy.
Which pair is your favorite? I think I have to go with top two on the left. Faves for sure.
Welp, there's your dose of target for the day, I might be back sooner than later with another one of these! ;)
Melissa Loren

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  1. I have banned myself from Target until my next paycheck because Lord almighty I lose my mind in there.
    The Adored Life


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