Monday, April 4, 2016

{Weekend Adventures}

We had beautiful weather all weekend in KC, and we didn't dare miss the opportunity to soak it up! Henry gets so giddy about certain things at this age and I can't resist taking him to do what makes him happy. Right now he loves to "feed fish." It's been tricky because every time we go to Bass Pro or anywhere that has fish, he thinks we can feed them, so every time I have to explain to him that we feed the fish at the lake (our marina provides fish food and the Carp go crazy for it). I promised him we'd go out to the lake this weekend, and that's exactly what we did. We must've been there for over an hour, we had the place to ourselves and Henry was enjoying it so much. We went through close to 12 bags of food! Later that evening, we did our usual Mama+Henry Target date. We bought bubbles and The Good Dinosaur. (Notice the Target sticker on his leg, below lol) And yesterday was full of hiking and adventuring. He was such a big boy, climbing rocks and hay bales. The kid is so fearless, he even held his first snake. He's wild and A L L boy! I told him to keep that thing away from me! Ha! Of course it was opening night here in Kansas City, so we had to get home and get our Royals gear on and get ready for the game. I think he was pretty excited for the Royals to be back. :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I'm looking forward to another!
Melissa Loren

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