Monday, April 18, 2016

{Weekend Adventures}

It was a looooong week last week! 56 hours in the books at work last week. I was so tired and worn out, but I couldn't miss out on *some* fun this weekend. Saturday night I was able to enjoy dinner with some friends and get dressed for once. Sunday morning was so beautiful and I took advantage of it with some trail walking. Afterwards was brunch at my favorite health and wellness store, Terra. They have an amazing salad and soup bar and a smoothie and juice bar. Perfect for me! I snapped a pic of their adorable collage wall, so cute. Sunday I was an ambassador for a Glam Gals KC event. I also "modeled," in their mini fashion show. It was full of fashion, beauty and girl time!
And after a very, very, very long week of missing my baby, he finally came home Sunday evening. He's not usually gone that anywhere near that long, nor has he ever been before, so it was tough and I was so incredibly happy to see him. I had to take him for ice cream and we spent an hour playing at the park before bedtime. You can see me eyeballing his ice cream so hard core at the end. ;)
When you want all the good food, but just have to watch your kid eat it. Hahahahahaha. Merp. PS the 24 day challenge is going really well. I'll have an update soon, I'm just trying not to bombard you with too much Advocare stuff.
It's time for a new week, y'all!
Melissa Loren

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