Thursday, May 5, 2016

{Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results}

Ok, so as most of you know, I started the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge to see what kind of results I could get after having already been working on my fitness/weight loss. Yesterday was my 24th day, so I'm all done. Usually I'd be like hallelujah, but I'm actually kind of sad lol. The cleanse was so good for me, and the max phase helped me stay on track and really kept me motivated.I'm anxious for my new stuff to get here so I can keep on going! I'll get into the good stuff, I had already lost some weight, like 11 pounds or so, the number wasn't drastic because I have been lifting weights as my fat burner, so my muscle gain was greatly improving. Same with the challenge, I continued lifting every day like I had been, still watched what I ate and added all the supplements from the challenge. Here's what I got:

Weight: 9.1 pounds lost!
Pant size: Down from a very tight 4 to a great fitting 2! 
Shoulders: 2 inches lost.
Chest: 2.1 inches lost.
Waist: 2.1 inches lost!
Hips: 0.7 inches lost, baby hips ;)
Thighs: 0.4 inches lost (I gain muscle so easily in my quads)
This is probably the most unflattering suit I own, but it's one that I bought years ago always with the intention of losing weight and making it look good one day. I definitely need a tan, and still have plenty of work to do, but it's a start!
I will totally take an extra 9 pounds down. I was fluctuating so much before because I wasn't quite as strict on my diet and I'd sometimes cheat on the weekends, so this really made me tighten up my plan, I had spent the money so I wasn't going to waste it!
Here's a photo dump of my progress along the way...
I still have a goal to reach/a particular weight to reach, but I also want to follow that whole "skinny girls look good in clothes, but fit girls look good naked," rule. I don't just want to be thin or a certain size, I want to keep feeling cleansed and well taken care of and I want more muscle definition. I want to be STRONG and healthy!!! You hear me? I want to nourish my body and love it-forever, not just for now. Which is exactly why I'll continue pushing on!
I had a group of girls that did it with me or started here and there after me and we had a group on Facebook where we could all cheer each other on, share if we were having a bad day, or share recipes and workouts-it was great! Several of them are down 10+ pounds and it has been so rewarding getting texts and pictures every single day from them about how excited they are and how much they love the products and the group I created. That's the real fulfillment right there! I plan to keep running the group, especially since I'll be continuing my maintenance and still going after more goals. If you're at all interested in doing the challenge or anything other products-reach out to me! Email me (, text me, Facebook me-anything! I would love to order something for you, help you in anyway, anything!
Officially down 21 pounds, down 2 pant sizes and stronger than yesterday! I still wish I had a before photo from the very beginning, but also kinda glad I don't! Yikes.
Contact me friends, lets get you started changing your lifestyle!
Melissa Loren

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