Wednesday, May 4, 2016

{Always Evovling}

So this past weekend, I tried one of those cheesy classes at my gym (I know, right?)...

...only, it wasn't very cheesy. It was T O U G H. I've been working out for weeks and weeks now, so I thought, "No problem, I'll kill it." It wasn't even a second thought when my girl friend invited me to go.

 "Squats? I've been murdering those bad boys, pile on the weights! We're doing step-ups? Laaaaame. Hand weights? Where are the dumbbells?!"

You guys, 3 minutes into repetitive speed squats, I was dying. More like crying. Kim Kardashian ugly cry. I've been to the gym nearly every single day since starting, but wooo weeee, my body wasn't used to this style of workout. It was more of a HIIT style workout. Lots of weights, but way more cardio built in than I'm used to. It's the sneaky kind of cardio, the only kind I like, but definitely tough, nonetheless. 

It was productive. I'm still sore from Sunday and I'm craving more. My workouts are great, and have gotten me results fairly quickly, but this style had me questioning if I'm doing enough day in and day out. I know I am, but I can afford to continue switching things up and trying different workout techniques. This just goes to show that our bodies are always evolving, adjusting and learning. Getting into the same old routine, can bore our bodies, they become immune to the same thing day after day. So make sure you're always learning. Research workouts on body building sites, pin workouts on Pinterest. Try anything that will keep your body interested, and you for that matter. I could *never* go run on a treadmill for an hour everyday-that's just not for me. For one, I hate cardio, secondly, I get bored. I like to be excited to go workout. I've literally become so involved with the gym that I enjoy going, I like wearing cute workout clothes, I like picking out products that will help motivate me and keep me on track, I like every aspect of the gym. That's been my saving grace.
And now, I have fun classes to look forward to when I'm burnt out on my own routines. I love it.

You can't tell, but we were soaked in sweat. Both red-faced, panting and laughing at ourselves for still being "out of shape."
Thank goodness I had my Spark and Catalyst, might not have made it without it!! ;)
Try something new today friends, you might just LOVE it!!

PS: Isn't my friend the cutest?! She just had a baby 4 months ago (FOUR!!!) and she's already killing it, while nursing and taking care of her 2 year old daughter! *And* she joined me on my AdvoCare team. Wow. She deserves a good Mother's Day. <3
Melissa Loren

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