Monday, May 9, 2016

{Mother's Day}

Most people say this past weekend is all about moms, but really it's all about the kids. We wouldn't be moms without our children. I wouldn't be a mom without my Henry Harper. And I wouldn't want to spend my day/weekend any other way, but doing all the things that make him happy. I was loved on and treated very, very well, but I think Henry had a lot of fun this weekend too. I'll have a post up from Friday and Saturday soon, today is all about yesterday. First we treated ourselves to Frappucinos! I haven't had "coffee," in so long, it was definitely a treat! He got cotton candy and I got caramel waffle cone-yummmm! Then we went to Bass Pro Park so we could wonder around, take some pics & enjoy the beautiful weather-before it started raining. We had to go inside so Henry could check out all his favorite four wheelers. After that I was spoiled with sunnies and makeup and then we headed to my brother's for a delicious spread. He smoked tons of meat and his wife, Natalie, made so many yummy sides. We brought treats from Cupcake A La Mode. Oops. Yesterday was definitely a cheat day and I'm feeling it today. I remember why I don't eat like that anymore lol. To end the night we snuggled up for a movie, the rain made for the perfect cuddle sesh. Henry told me all day long that he loves me so much and that I'm the best mom. It was basically the best. He's great at positive affirmations. ;) Spending the day with my sugie is exactly how I wanted it. <3 Thanks for making me a momma, I love you, Henry Harper. 
Happy Monday, y'all!
Melissa Loren

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