Wednesday, May 11, 2016

{On Wednesdays, We Play Footgolf}

Last Wednesday Henry got to try something new! FootGolf! Drumm Farm Golf Club has super affordable footgolf, like $8 a person, plus it's such a great course. 
And let me tell you, Henry had so much fun! My little boy loves to be outside, loves to run and loves to play any type of ball, so running around kicking a ball into a hole was like the coolest thing ever for him!! I have to admit though, there came a point where he thought it was way cooler (and easier) to run with the ball and toss it in the hole. I couldn't help but laugh, so of course that's how he continued to do it haha. He thought the golf cart was the coolest thing ever too! 
About halfway through our game, he stopped dead in his footgolf tracks, marched to the cart and said, "I need a snack!" Ohmygoodness, I lost it. He's just like his mama! Just feed me and tell me I'm pretty lol! ;) Seriously though, it was the cutest thing ever. Runner up for the afternoon was when we let a gentleman pass us to play through and he took a practice swing and Henry thought he just missed the ball so he said, "Awwww, missed it!" Bahahahahaha. Luckily, I don't think the man heard him. That would't have been very good golf etiquette. ;) I still have a few things to teach H lol.
Isn't he the cutest just running around out there? I'll never get enough of him!
Drumm was a beautiful place to teach Henry something new, it didn't hurt that we picked a gorgeous day to play. ;) I can't wait to get back there and do it again. I mean, look at those views!
FootGolf was super fun and pretty inexpensive, so definitely give it a try, it's fun for the whole family!
Melissa Loren

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