Tuesday, May 10, 2016

{Weekend Adventures}

I took so many photos this weekend!! For one, I was off, which never happens, and for two, it was sooo gorgeous out! What I'm saying is, this is basically a photo dump from anything that wasn't taken on Mother's Day. ;) I was taken out to dinner Friday night for a pre-mother's day dinner and we hit the park afterwards so H could frolic around since it was such a beautiful night. Henry ate his weight in turkey and cheesy corn and then burned it all off climbing up and down the jungle gym. We played so hard that by the time we got home it was time for a bath and bed. 
"Hold hands, mahm?" <3
Saturday was mama and Henry day. We spent the entire day together, adventuring. We started with a trip to Cracker Barrel so we could pick out a new "friend." Henry collects beanie boos, he calls them his friends and they have to be in his bed when it's time to go to sleep. :)
Then we got smoothies and met our friends for a little fish-feeding fun! Our friend Rohen (my friend Maddie's son) was born on the same day as Henry! Rohen was born first thing in the morning and Henry was born at 9:39 pm, but they share a birthday nonetheless! lol. We joke that they could almost pass for family and I think they act so much alike. Both ornery little stinkers, with the biggest hearts! After that we grabbed some lunch at Panera and hit the park for a bit. Yes, again, this kid could live at the park, plus we just love to be outdoors. 
After all of that and nap time, we went to the mall for mama, then he enjoyed some play time in the kids area, and we checked out the new candy store! Yum! Later was dinner at a friends where we played our hearts out again!
We had such a wonderful weekend together. I feel like we haven't really gotten to spend quality time like that together in a while, I've been working so much. I'm looking forward to spending more time adventuring with my little man. 
Here's that photo dump I was talking about...
Melissa Loren

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