Wednesday, May 18, 2016

{Zoo Days}

This is another one of those completely irrelevant posts, that does absolutely nothing for anyone. But really, isn't that what all my posts are? lol. We've been making a lot (and I do mean a lot!) of trips to the zoo lately, which is ridiculous because we're still not 'friends of the zoo' members.  I wanted some place to share the pictures and you guys are it! Lucky dogs! Majority of them are just of Henry's handsome little face, so you really are pretty lucky. ;) The weather has been magnificent around here lately, except for the last couple of days, so we've been taking advantage of it! We always try and get out and do something active or adventurous. H loves the outdoors more than anything. Our zoo has really been making some improvements too, so it's certainly a fun place to take the kiddos. The other day I took him on the Sky Safari for the first time and he was mesmerized. It travels over Africa, so you can hoover right over the giraffes, see zebras and ostriches running and sit back and relax. Anyway, we've been having so much fun, so I wanted to share a few pics. Over and out!
Isn't he the sweetest with his Koala bear?! I seriously can't handle his sweetest sometimes. Makes up for that Koala costing a bajillion dollars. :-p
Melissa Loren

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