Thursday, June 30, 2016


I've been invited to partake in another series of Tulip Twist. If you've read along for a while, then you know that Tulip gifts a clothing item to several bloggers and/or fashion lovers so that they can style it how they choose and then everyone goes to vote for their favorite style! The idea is to see how many different ways one piece can be styled! For all of us fashion lovers it's a dream, and really it's like a dream for those who may struggle with what to wear, too! You'll be booming with ideas of ways to style a given piece. Today's twist features this star-spangled tank, just in time for one of the best holidays of the year- Independence Day! 
I went with a laid-back look this time. I paired it with DIY white-washed cut-offs, chuck's, a bomb pop and the cutest Henry there ever was. ;)
I may have cheated a little bit by adding H into my photos, but I'd love your vote anyway! All you have to do is hop on over to Tulip's Facebook page and comment for me!
Henry is wearing a Target tank, gap kids shorts and his own chuck's! :-D
Thanks again, friends! I'll try and be back sooner than later!
Melissa Loren

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