Thursday, September 29, 2016

{Pumpkin Patchin'}

I just can't resist a pumpkin patch post. It's tradition and one of my most favorite things ever! Those warm pumpkin donuts coated in sugar, the furry farm animals and pumpkins galore. I can't forget to mention boots and scarves and the weather that comes along with them! *heart eyes* The best part is it just gets better and better the older Henry gets! This year was the perfect age for Henry. He ran all over climbing and sliding down every jungle gym he could see, shouting "I'm a big boy mom!" He was also way more into the pumpkins. He was able to spot his favorites and pick some up and carry them. He ended up picking out FOUR! Sean picked out a perfectly round orange one and I decided on one of those funky blue-green "cow" pumpkins. They all went nicely with our new fall fox doormat. ;)
We like to try different patches every year, but we definitely have two favorites and it has become tradition to go to both. Carolyn's, for the pumpkin donuts and giant rocking chair photo and Louisburg Cidermill for the apple cider, cider donuts and the bounce pillow for H! We tried a new one in Kearney this year and we weren't very impressed. Carolyn's, however, did not disappoint. I can't wait to make a trip to Louisburg in the next few weeks!
This time of year will forever be my favorite. <3
Why is it that we never stop and get a family pic?! We even had my cousin there to take the pic for us! So upset about this. #pumpkinpatchfail
Thanks for stopping by! I'm starting my first bump posy tomorrow, eeeek!
Melissa Loren

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