Wednesday, October 19, 2016

{23 Week Bump}

How far along?: 23 weeks
Total weight gain?: 11ish lbs I'll find out at my next appointment if it's more.
Size of baby?: Baby is the size of a grapefruit. 1.10 POUNDS!! She's over a pound, eeeeek! And 11.3 inches! 
Maternity clothes?: Still lots of leggings (or the same pair if I'm being honest haha), not really maternity shirts, per se.
Stretch marks?: Not really, but mine from Henry are kinda peeking their way back through. Ugh.
Sleep: I'm practicing good sleeping habits as best I can. I know sleep will be minimal for several months when little Luce gets here.
Best moment this week: It isn't baby related, but Henry continuously told me how boo-ti-ful I am tonight. I was beaming. :-D "Mahm, you's boo-ti-ful!" Also, as you guys already know, taking our maternity photos-still so happy with those!
Miss anything?: We went to lunch with some friends today and the guys had a few drinks, including a bloody mary, man I can't wait to enjoy an adult beverage. I was stuck with a Shirley Temple. Hmpf.
Movement?: 24/7 and she's getting big enough that it's start to hurt a bit, especially the lower kicks and the rib kicks. Ouch. I love knowing that she's active and growing in there though.
Food cravings: No cravings, just give me all the food. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: At first, everything. Morning sickness was way worse with this one than with Henry. It was absolutely awful, but it's faded and now all is well. :)
Gender: GIRL <3 <3 <3
Labor signs: I think I'm starting to have Braxton Hicks? They're light, but already a bit uncomfortable. Probably because I'm always on my feet.
SymptomsThe leg cramps have come back!!!!!! WAAHHHHH!!! Also, pregnancy brain is real. I don't know why or how, but it is so very well. I am the biggest flake now that I'm pregnant, I forget everything, I'm a mess.
Belly button in or out?: In. Please stay in.
Happy or moody most of the time?: I'm settling into my new job, I'll never get used to the wonky hours, but I'm learn to deal with it. I also cherish my days off with my family that much more and really try to make the most of our time together. I'm happy, I'm anxious, I'm excited, I'm in love. Plus, it's Fall. You guys know how much I love Fall. <3
We went on a hike today for our bump photo and I decided it was too beautiful of a day not to share a few extra pics this week...
Melissa Loren

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