Thursday, October 27, 2016

{24 Week Bump}

How far along?: 24 weeks
Total weight gain?: 11ish lbs I'll find out at my next appointment if it's more.
Size of baby?: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe. 11.8 inches and 1.30 pounds.
Maternity clothes?: Leggingsleggings leggings. I was so bummed because I just bought a fresh new pair on Monday and I turned around and ruined them with bleach on Tuesday! Sad day. It took me weeks to cave and buy myself a fresh pair and then boom, I waste them. Typical. :-p
Stretch marks?: Not really, but mine from Henry are kinda peeking their way back through. Ugh.
Sleep: For the most part I'm sleeping pretty well. I think I'll sleep better when Henry's birthday party is all wrapped up. Prepping for it has kept my mind spinning at night.
Best moment this week: I'd say ordering Henry's big boy bed. Yes, he's still in his crib. We're a mess, I know. It has just worked so well for us and he sleeps so well in it and hasn't wanted to change it yet. I think getting one ordered makes things seem more real, though. Like, hey, you're about to have a 3 year old and a new baby sleeping in that crib very soon!
Miss anything?: My skinny jeans lol. I'm starting to feel large and in charge and it's starting to get to me a bit. I'm remembering how hard I worked to get in shape right before getting pregnant and how hard it was to lost the weight after Henry. It's going to be a challenge, but I can't wait to get back in shape. I'll be needing all the home workouts!
Movement?: Sean and I were just joking that she's going to be super feisty with how much she kicks me in there. She's getting big enough that Sean can actually see my belly move when she kicks. I love it. It takes the breath out me sometimes, but it's still the coolest thing ever!
Food cravings: I definitely think I have a sweet tooth this pregnancy, that's all I seem to want. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: At first, everything. Morning sickness was way worse with this one than with Henry. It was absolutely awful, but it's faded and now all is well. :)
Gender: GIRL <3 <3 <3
Labor signs: Not really, other than the sporadic braxton hicks I mentioned last week. They're far and few between so far though.
Symptoms: I mentioned the leg cramps last week...they've been in overdrive this week. They're the "hurry up and jump out of bed and point your toes," kind of cramps now! I'll be dead asleep and feel my toes curl and then feel the pain shoot all the way up my leg. It's so intense and so miserable. It was really my only legitimate complaint with my first pregnancy, I can't believe they're back again. Coupled with second trimester morning sickness. This pregnancy has been one for the books. I'm really working for my girl lol.
Belly button in or out?: In. Please stay in.
Happy or moody most of the time?: I cried on the way home from work tonight (it's been a while since I've done that-at least a week lol). I couldn't figure out what exactly I wanted to cry about. Then I tried to tell myself it was just my hormones and that everything was ok. Now it's close to midnight, I'm laying in bed and I'm rolling my eyes at myself for being a big baby. I'm a rollercoaster. Big picture though, I'm happy. I don't really have anything to be so stressed about. I have a healthy, happy family, a roof over our heads and a J O B. The things that some people can only wish for.
Melissa Loren

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