Friday, October 7, 2016

{Back To Japan}

Last week my bestie surprised me with a quick trip back to the states! I honestly had no idea until a blonde woman was walking across my yard with pink and gold balloons! I teared up like the hormonal crazy lady that I am, of course! She was here to visit family, but I do appreciate a good surprise and her taking time out of her short stay at home to see me. Being who she is, she of course showed up with gifts for baby sis and a few items to get me through pregnancy. ;) She even took time out of her trip to work on baby shower planning for me and sweet girl. <3 AND she even treated me to an early birthday breakfast since she'll be gone next week. She spoils me. All. The. Time. And I'm so thankful that she does. She's only going to be gone for a bit longer this year, but I already can't wait until she's back. I also can't wait to share this shower with you guys. I know without a doubt it's going to be the most beautiful thing ever. Carl, I always hate to see you go, but the countdown is on and we'll be roaming target and spending too much money before we know it. I know Kris is happy to have his other half back in his arms! I love you and thank you for spending some time with me, it was needed more than you know! 
I'm lucky to have the kind of friends I do! So many wonderful gals in my life. 
Have a fun, fall-filled weekend, y'all!
Melissa Loren

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