Friday, October 21, 2016

{Day Dates Fill My Soul}

I've given you guys enough of the doldrums around here, always letting you guys know how much I miss my bud while I'm away at my new job. While it's still a struggle, I'm learning to understand that a bit of independence being instilled in my son is never a bad thing, and that I need to treasure every second that we do have together. I was off yesterday and he was off from daycare so I decided it was the perfect day for a mama and Henry date. Plus I might enjoy starting his birthday festivities off a little early, like my own. ;)
We started the day off with a trip to Target, sounds lame, but when your kid always randomly asks to go to Target, it's the best start. He was able to show me some things that he might want for his birthday. "Want dis for my birt-day. Want dat for my birt-day. Want some more friends(beanie boos) for my birt-day. Waaaaaant Paw Patrol toys for my birt-day!" I'm full of ideas now, basically you can buy this kid ANYthing lol. Next, we went for some special edition Halloween chocolates from Christopher Elbow. They're super fancy, gourmet chocolates, aka next level chocolates. They're all infused with different flavors and have beautiful designs, usually too pretty to eat-almost that is. I thought Henry would really enjoy the special edition skeleton/halloween chocolates. He was even more excited than I thought he'd be, which of course made me super happy. After that we had new york style pizza at Grinder's, one of my favorite pizza places in the art district, and since we were in the art district we had to stop and take a few photos! ;) 
We were so excited for our special edition Halloween chocolates! It was the absolute best day! Day dates when we're both "off" might become a new tradition!
Melissa Loren

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