Sunday, October 30, 2016

{Happy Halloween}

It brings tears to my eyes to see this collage. Three, wonderful, ridiculously adorable Halloweens. I can remember working all day, miserable in pain, on a beautiful fall day in 2013, and then trying to hand out candy that Halloween night, but the pain was so intense that I had to shut my door and turn the light off. I couldn't hand out candy with the contractions I was having. They were at the miserable, awkward point where they'd be super intense every two minutes, making me think it was time to hit the hospital,  but then they'd go still for ten or fifteen minutes. I would continue like this throughout the entire night. Winching in pain with contractions happening in sporadic increments. Finally by sunrise I couldn't take it anymore, it was time to head to the hospital. After 26 hours of labor, Henry was born just shortly after Halloween. I will always remember that Halloween day and how painful it was, but also how anxious and excited I was. I didn't know what was coming. I certainly didn't know that this little boy would be so beautiful and so wonderful. I didn't know how much he would consume me and take over my life and my heart. He wasn't born on Halloween and you'll have to deal with my actual birthday post tomorrow, but I can't help but reminisce with these past photos. How is it almost his birthday?! 
I hope everyone had so much fun trick and treating and jacked all their favorite candies from their littles. ;)
 Happy Halloween!
Melissa Loren

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