Thursday, October 27, 2016

{Henry's 3rd Birthday Wish List}

{high tops}{pumpkin pie}{magnetic block set}(bicycle}{USA map}{beanie boo}

So, Henry obviously didn't put this list together, but I'm 99.9999999% sure that he would love everything on this list! We actually got him a big boy bike and a helmet for his big present, and I just know he's going to flipppp! He'll be so excited too because they have bike day at school and up to this point he hasn't had a "real" bike. Also, these beanie boos are his absolute favorite. We have to have close to twenty. They're usually a special treat for him or something fun for us to pick out every now and then. We try to stick to the more boyish ones, but the occasional pink leopard sneaks in there. ;) His owls are some of his faves, he recently got Moonlight (the halloween-y owl), so I know he'd love this winter-y owl. I just gotta find it! Puzzles are totally his jam right now. We could do puzzles ALL DAY LONG. He'll do the same one 50 times in a row if you let him or if he talks you into doing it with him lol. I usually always try to do them with him, so I'm ready for some new ones. I think an educational one like this map would be perfect. Of course I had to add some blocks. He's been super into pretending lately and building things with his imagination. Which is just awesome and so fun to watch. I can't make him a birthday list and not add a few clothing items. We love pie, cake, cupcakes, pretty much all the sweets, and Turkey Day is right around the corner, so this Pumpkin Pie raglan is basically perfect and needed. Right? Lastly, Henry always really enjoys picking out new shoes. He really likes to pick them out for his outfit each day too. This polka dot pair is right up his alley and I know he'd think they were so rad!
I can't believe it's almost his big day! This weekend will fly, we'll celebrate Halloween and then his birthday is November 1st! This year has FLOWN by and my bubba has grown so very fast. It's sad, but it's also mesmerizing. With each day he grows, my heart grows a little more too.
Ok I won't be too mushy here, I'll save that for Tuesday's post! haha
Melissa Loren

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