Thursday, October 13, 2016

{It Takes a Village}

You know what's really amazing? Having wonderful friends. Wonderful friends who love and care for your children like they're their own. They say it takes a village when you have babies and I believe that to be true! I've been very lucky in the past in that I've been able to handle most things on my own, but more recently I've had to rely on the help of others. It's tough to rely on others, but it makes it easier when you're surrounded by a group of girlfriends who would lay down their life for you, *and* your children. I don't have a lot of family to rely on (no grandparents, my parents work a LOT, and just one brother who works plenty himself), so my friends are my family. Most of them are my rock too. I have several girlfriends who are always there for me in a pinch. I'm certain we could all pass our babies around and they would be loved so well. 
 It probably helps that we all have amazing babies and they get along so well! I mean, look at these face...
And look at baby Char just gaze at Henry. HEART. EYES. Thank you to all my friends who are always there for me and my little man. You guys all mean the world to me and I'd be so lost without you!
I've meant to share this post for days now, things have just been super busy. I have a day off today and it's my birthday! Henry is home from daycare and we've already been treated to a BIG breakfast. Now we plan on snuggling, and enjoying the day together! Spending the day with my boys is more than I could ever ask for. <3
Have a wonderful day, friends!
Melissa Loren

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