Tuesday, October 25, 2016

{Potty Training}

Henry will be 3 in one week! Is that possible? Sometimes I look at him and I still see my squishy-faced baby boy. I'm in a bit of denial that he is growing up, and entering the land of the three's. In all the time that has passed, I've wondered and worried if he'd ever be potty trained. He's stubborn & as strong-willed as they come. He seemed pretty content with permanently living in his diapers. I'm sure it hasn't helped that he goes back and forth from mom and dad's and that he started daycare without being potty trained. That's why I haven't pushed him too hard and have really tried to go with the flow  and let him do things on his terms. I didn't want to pressure him and completely turn him off from it. One week out from his 3rd birthday, he definitely isn't officially potty trained, we still need to work on nighttime and some trips out, but we have come STRIDES, people. Strides. We wear pull-ups, we use the big boy potty consistently, and he tells me when he needs to go and he even tries to wipe on his own. ;) I know it's kind of silly since we aren't fully there yet, but when it seems an impossible task and you finally break ground, you can't help but be excited. We may not be there 100% by his birthday, but we will be darn close and I'm so proud of my boy. 
They say boys are harder, I guess I'll find out with Luce haha. Hang in there if you're a mama who is wondering if it'll ever be accomplished. You don't have to rush or push, when they're ready it'll just flow.
Melissa Loren

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