Monday, January 30, 2017

{Good Vibes}

There is so much negativity around us lately. Everywhere I look someone is arguing about something, or defending their opinion. Even me, here on the blog. I like to be real, but lately all of the bad just seems to be consuming me. Negativity breeds negativity and I don't want to fall into a slump or a darkness. There really is so much light and so much to be happy about, so I really just wanted to share some positive vibes on the blog today. 

Like this little dude, holding his baby sister's new moccs. Believe it or not, he asked for this picture! He is so adamant about being a good big brother. He's already so involved and enthusiastic. If only we could all put such intention into the things we're passionate about. This one shines bright, y'all.
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like pregnancy can wear on you. You can feel unlike yourself. You can get down about weight gain, stretch marks and hair loss. Then sometimes you pull your shit together and you say hey look at me and this adorable bump that is protecting my baby girl!
 What else really keeps me positive and on track? GOOD friends! A little coffee with a side of girl talk is always good for the soul. 
A trip to the nail salon will always help too lol. I haven't had my nails done in *months*. You know, budget and whatnot, but I wanted them to be ready for sweet girl's arrival and our newborn photos. I know once she's here it'll basically be impossible. It took me months to leave Henry's side after his arrival. So I went ahead and got them ready and I'm obsessed!
 I can't end a good vibes post without a pic of me and my bubba. Only thing missing is Mr. Sean! He was working though and bubba and I went to check out a pediatrician for baby sis. We loved it, by the way. They came highly recommended and I'm looking forward to them caring for little Luce. 
Thank you guys so much for sticking around after all these years. Anytime I've wanted to give up on the blog, you guys have been there cheering me on. I'm always so grateful for the people I've met through this space!
Melissa Loren

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