Thursday, January 5, 2017

{Henry+Luce's Shared Room}

Ok, let me start by saying a few things. One, as usual, I'm hesitant to share these photos. It's still a huge bummer that they're sharing a room. Kinda, anyway. It's cool in some ways, too. It just isn't ideal. Two, this is the smallest room ever. Three, trust me, my OCD is in OVERDRIVE. I have had to get super creative with storage and decor. I *cannot* have toys everywhere and/or clothes, so I've tried to keep most things stored, hidden and organized. Making room for two children, of two different genders, in one room has been quite the task! I almost just need a spare room for a toy room and closet lol. Then there's things like our recliner situation. We got one, but I went back and forth with putting it in their room. For one, the room is small enough as it is. For two, am I really going to be able to soothe, rock and nurse a crying baby and Henry be able to sleep through it? I don't think so. She'll be in the rock n' play in our room for a while anyway, so I opted to put the recliner in the living room. That way Henry can sleep, Sean can sleep(he has to be up *EARLY* for work) and I can watch tv and move about as I please in the late hours of the night and in the wee hours of the morning. Sean and I have consolidated and gotten rid of a lot of our stuff, just for our sanity and to free up a hall closet for the kiddos. Less is more anyway, right? I think that's what they say. People have too much stuff as it is. 
But anyway, I've made it as fun and airy as I possibly can and something that they'll both hopefully enjoy. So far Henry has zero complaints-he's pretty easy to please though. :) 
There isn't really a flow or a transition either lol. Henry's woodsy-woodland theme has carried on and then you roll right into Luce's suuuuuper girly, flamingo-filled side of the room lol. It's happy though. Even without being ideal, somehow it fills my heart with joy and has become my favorite room in our little love shack. <3
I'm always rambling, I'll get on with it. Here's ten too many photos!
That's it! I warned you, nothing crazy, but it's full of love. This room represents two people that I love with all my heart and soul. It represents the people who love my babies so intensely, that they've gone above and beyond to gift them some of these wonderful things. It represents two people that don't have it all, but would give their all for their littles. And I'm ok with all of that.
Melissa Loren

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